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Wild rides by the team @ Intrepid Apparel®


North America has an abundance of world class riding destinations. With the rapid proliferation of new trail networks in virtually every state and province, one could spend an entire lifetime and still not sample all the singletrack that magnificent continent has to offer. So why would anyone bother to venture overseas in search of the unknown? And sonwhy not periodically head of for mountain-bike adventures in remote corners of the world, when there are so many quality shredding options in the UK?

I sometimes wonder why not plan expeditions in such far-flung places as Afghanistan, Russia, Tibet and the Republic of Georgia?

There are myriad reasons why people choose not to roam the earth in pursuit of exotic riding, just imagine the never-ending thrill of being thrown way out of one’s element; of being thrust into alien and often-absurd situations with little idea of how to deal with them.

There’s nothing like landing in a rundown airport to be greeted by chain-smoking immigration officers who could just as easily reject you as to stamp your passport and let you enter.

Few things could be more entertaining than stacking your bikes on top of a dilapidated vehicle, strapping them down with twine and backfiring your way out of a dirt parking lot en route to the mountains. And all this is just a prelude to the uncertainty of whether the trails on the trailforks will live up to their extraordinary allure. There is a unique excitement in experiencing something for the first time, in seeing things that you never could have imagined.

We will always be dedicated to celebrating our own trails, but from time to time we want to share our forays into foreign regions, why not consider the Japanese Alps, where elusive ribbons of manicured singletrack wind through majestic forests, or consider leading yourself high into Mongolia’s Altai Mountains, where descents of glacial moraines culminate in rowdy packraft runs down raging rivers.

This all said you could choose to sit in your office in Slough conjuring up images of endless singletrack or you could #beintrepid - We hope you enjoy the ride.